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12 / 7 / 2022

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Anyone trying to apply for a job will always need to submit a resume and submitting one is always nerve-wracking. Resumes are sensitive and need to be created properly with the right format, right detail, and the right content. It's imperative that the resume contains truthful information and is kept detailed but concise. If the details are too long, the employer can get confused or uninterested. If the information lacks details, the employer may miss the opportunity to see your talents.

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What is a Résumé and what it should contain?

The word resume comes from the Latin word “resūmere” which means “again to take.” By definition, a resume is a document used by an applicant to present his or her background to the employer. It should contain a summary of work experience, education, special training, skills, accomplishments, contact information, and references. The main purpose of a resume is for a person to be able to secure a job and show the employer why they are qualified for the opening position. It should be able to show the applicant’s strengths so the employer will be able to see if they are fit for the job.

How do you write a good resume?

As mentioned earlier, it is important to keep the resume concise. Wording should not be too long and important information should be depicted clearly. Don’t complicate your resume by using complicated words unrelated to the position. If it is possible, the resume should only be up to 2 pages so as to not lose the interest of the reader. If you are eying a certain position, the details should emphasize your education and experiences that relate to the position. It also helps to highlight accomplishments related to that industry.

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Additionally, the right format should also be taken into consideration when creating a resume. It is important to avoid any mishaps when sending this document.  

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What’s the right format?

PDF is definitely the best and the only recommended format to use when creating and submitting an important document such as a resume. Nowadays, PDF is considered a standard and has been used by many organizations for contracts, memos, and announcements so it’s no question that PDF should also be used for a resume. With the wrong format, anyone can face horrible dilemmas that can hinder your application to go through human resources. It can be easily discarded or it may take you longer to get the job. Here are some of the reasons why you should submit in PDF:

1. Compatibility. Not all organizations have the same programs as you do so you have to submit a neutral format that is compatible with any device. It is possible that the receiver may not be able to read your resume because they lack the app to access it. With a PDF, anyone can view your resume even with just a browser.

2. Versions. Having a neutral format also includes versions. Let’s say you have your document in MS Word format because you know they use that program but if they only have an old version of MS Office and you’ve saved it in the latest version, the reader will most likely not be able to view it correctly or not at all.

3. Layout. When a document file is transferred from one device to another, it’s expected that the content becomes distorted – but not when it’s a PDF. DOC files, .txt files, HTML files, or Excel files can be viewed differently because there are different processors that can view and translate their contents. A ruined layout makes it impossible to understand the information. PDF files, however, do not change layout even when different PDF readers are used.

4. Secure. It’s easy to get a document tampered with if your file is editable. Details could be deleted accidentally at a touch of a button. Some parts of the content can be misrepresented or possibly, all content could be gone. That’s why PDFs are always recommended because PDFs cannot be erased or changed easily.



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