Is PDF an open standard?

30 / 1 / 2021

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The world has been using the PDF format for many years and still, most of us are confused and debates about it. Which one is the open standard? Is it the software or the format? When the PDF format was first created, it was controlled and owned by Adobe. On July 1, 2008, it was then released as an open standard with ISO 32000-1:2008, controlled by the ISO Committee of volunteer industry experts. In short, PDF is now an open standard.

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What is an open standard?

An open standard is a term for specifications used by the general public. It is understood that when these standards are developed, references, rules, updates, and maintenance undergo approval from the collaboration of individual representatives, discussed in open meetings, and finalized by consensus. Different products and services are taken into consideration so that the product can be adopted in any of these applications. Once these standards are published, the final product can then be operated and used on any device or platform.

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Where was it confusing?

PDF is an open standard. Period. The PDF format, the document that we are all using is openly used in public and can be opened, viewed, saved as, or printed to PDF in any computer or device because it is an open standard. The rules and regulations that are continually being developed apply to PDF software that would enable users to view or create PDF correctly. But because the rules were vague back then, not all legally produced PDF files turn out the way they should be – which is a reliable document that shows accurate content on-print and on-screen in any platform or device.  

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With more and more applications being available today, an increased number of bad PDF documents are also released. Because of this dilemma, Adobe made Adobe reader adaptable and ready to encounter these bad PDFs. It has been and still is publicly accepted that Adobe reader is the validator of PDFs.

If not all PDF makers are good, then what should you do?

You should always use reliable software to create and edit your PDF files. This basically saves you from creating a bad PDF that won’t open to your receiver’s computer. Reliable software is one that will allow you to legally create a structured document, which you can achieve by using Adobe or DeftPDF online.

Adobe, being the creator of this format, became the trusted go-to software. You can open, view, read, annotate and sign your PDFs using their freeware Adobe Reader but requires users to pay a fee to edit and manage PDF. A good alternative to be able to apply these actions is DeftPDF online. DeftPDF is a reliable online software that allows users to edit, convert and translate PDF and documents. It is free web-based software that doesn’t need to be installed or subscribed to. You don’t even need to input any personal information to use it. Just go to the website and start using it right away!



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