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25 / 4 / 2020

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A virus, an economical downfall, or a business constraint can lead to a huge change in routine for your employees. During this time where social distancing is required, struggles can be witnessed among the team and could possibly lead to an inefficient workforce. The best thing an employer can do is to lead by example and lead by empowering others. In this article, we would like to share some tips on how you can do this with simple actionable solutions.

 digital conference

1. Start a weekly video conference

Video calls may replace actual conversations happening inside the office and it is also a good opportunity to catch up with every person. You can also create chat groups that can encourage socialization online with the teams. This can be done per team with simple chat tools that you’ve already used – Skype, Messenger, Viber, WeChat, etc. Socialization is important especially during quarantine times. Being cooped up can bring about laziness and depression so essentially, positive reinforcements by socialization are important. Think of it as everyone’s support group and talk about possibilities and opportunities.

If there is a time to have an open forum for modernizations, new ideas and changes for the betterment, this is the time for it. Remember, your workforce can vary in age from baby boomers, to millennials to Gen Z therefore each individual has a different opinion and not all of them can understand what it is to work in this circumstance. A wide discussion of systematic improvements and innovations can help them adapt to the change and can even uplift them. By recognizing their suggestions, you also empower them as great team members and help them become open to the change.

2. Have a monthly team building

A teambuilding seminar not only allows your members to bond, but it also reinforces what your company is aiming for – the mission and vision. By reminding them what the company is all about, they are also reminded that they each have a purpose in the organization, therefore, removing all questions and confusions that break their focus. This will inspire them to be the best versions of themselves and guide them in the right direction. If an employee is straying away, this activity will allow them to discern their actions and re-evaluate what they have accomplished so far.

online conference call

A teambuilding seminar seems impossible during social distancing but with online tools, anything is possible. Think of activities that will unite your employees and show that a little competition (with sportsmanship) within the activity is healthy.

Ideas for online team building games:

  • Office trivia
  • Guess who
  • Pictionary
  • Truth or Dare
  • Guess the phrase/word made with emoji
  • Never have I ever
  • Work achievement bingo
  • Typing race
  • Jeopardy
  • Charades

Ideas for virtual team building:

  • Sharing of personal bucket list
  • Virtual tour of their home office
  • Connect and build a storyline
  • Problem-solving
  • Creating future headlines
  • Origami
  • Virtual costume party
  • Creating the best lunch
  • Bring your daughter/son to the virtual conference day
  • Remote yoga
  • Virtual karaoke
  • Write what you’re thankful for each colleague
  • Aliens have landed

3. Encourage exercise

Limited space and social distancing don’t always mean that physical movement should also be at a halt. Walking, running, jogging, doing some push-ups, yoga or some YouTube exercises can help employees become healthy and will also allow endorphins to be released in their bodies, hence, a happier mind. Exercising also keeps them on their toes and removes them from sluggish moods that tempt them to stay in bed.

Encourage your employees to do this by incorporating it into your daily or weekly checklist. One fun way this can also be imposed is by adding a competitive game that enlists the total of exercises made per team. The most push-ups or the greatest number of crunches made are entitled to bragging rights.

exercise regularly

4. Be positive

This is actually commonly disregarded in a usual office but should be the number one rule, even if social distancing is not faced. Being positive has a ripple effect and it can bring better and happier employees. This positive perspective and attitude should begin with the leaders, shown by example and taught to the members.

You can do this by acknowledging employees with their small milestones, may it be personal or work-related. Give them a digital “pat on the back” or announce their good behavior on the group chat. Send them acts of kindness by personally asking them about their well-being or asking about their family. By genuinely connecting with them, employees are able to perceive you as a reliable support.

Reaching out may be a small thing to do right now but it has a big long-term effect, emotionally and psychologically to any member of a group.


5. Instill digital documentations

Paperwork is never really something employees look forward to but it is still an essential part of the process. Since work is now remote, it is recommended that leaders implement digital documentation. This doesn’t need to be a paid software or an expensive license, in fact, this can simply be done by using the PDF format. Why PDF? This file format ensures that the content is secure and will not be changed. You can simply convert any document to PDF using print to PDF or use our tools here at DeftPDF.

6. Improve or increase rewards

If you think rewards are just for kids, then this must be something you should rethink! We all grew up being rewarded in different ways, may it be monetarily, emotionally, or with simple things. Since the reward is part of the norm, the reward can also become the motivation of your people. Here are some ideas that will ignite those interests.

1. Provide less required work hours for those who accomplish more documented work

2. Praise well-documented work in group chats

3. Create a digital board that shows the “employee of the month.” An example of a digital board is a Facebook group for your sales team where the best employee of the month is posted on the wall.

4. Create a merit system for more approved documentation or work.

5. Increase the salary

6. Add a promotion that empowers them of their current position.

7. Send out gift cards as rewards.

Being in this difficult time, leaders are expected to step up and hold the fort for the whole team. First, take care of yourself so you can take care of others. As they say, the blind leading the blind leads nowhere. It doesn’t have to be difficult, you just have to be consistent in caring for them. 



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