How PDF can be useful to students and teachers

14 / 8 / 2021


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Not all people find it easy to use PDF and this is because of some misconceptions – including difficulty to create PDF documents, the requirement of expensive PDF readers, and perhaps the most common of all, limitations in viewing the file. If people were to actually be educated about PDF, more people will learn that PDF is absolutely free, easy to use, and limitless.

PDF is a very powerful file format and it can help people plenty of people in many ways that they don’t realize. Even students and teachers can benefit from it, especially now in the new era of the new normal. PDF is absolutely a necessity. If you’re not convinced, then let us elaborate on it by first clearing the misconceptions.

students and teachers benefit from pdfw

First of all, PDF is not hard to create. It can be created using usual applications like Word processors, PowerPoint, or even Excel. If you use applications like Photoshop or Illustrator, you can also export your work into PDF directly using the applications. Students and teachers can also save email content or images into PDF just by clicking print to PDF on their computers. If you want to create a PDF without any application, you can also do this just by heading over to and creating a file with a blank page. This is free, does not require installations and it has a user-friendly interface that even a grade one student can navigate into.

Second, PDF does not need expensive or paid readers to open and view a PDF file. You can use a browser or Adobe Reader, which are both free to use. All you have to do is download a browser or Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe’s site, then install it!

Third, PDF files are only limited to viewing if encryption is set on that file. But, if no passwords are required, no encryption is programmed, then the file can easily be used, viewed, and opened on any device anytime. PDF files are not self-destructing formats, in fact, it is used for archiving documents. With its lossless feature, any file saved into PDF can last many many years without any problems with its quality. The contents will be secure and will remain as to how the author wants them to be viewed.

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Uses for teachers

Librarians and companies use PDF to send contracts, use it for archiving and sending out letters or memos. Teachers don’t have the same use for it but they can certainly use PDF to save final grades, encrypt sensitive information of students, keep a student profile, or even save a copy of tests and homework. With PDF, teachers won’t need to worry about students changing questionnaires, or graded cards. They can also create forms as tests that will make it easier for students to answer. Additionally, PDF is also a great way to transfer files and educational materials to students since it's portable and easy to view on any device. In five points, you can summarize the uses as follows:

1. Save grades and cards of students in a non-editable format

2. Encrypt information, or letters of teachers to parents or even letters of recommendations

3. Keep a student profile that is inter-linked with other files of the student

4. Save copies of tests and homework in lossless form

5. Create PDF forms as tests, and create educational materials like presentations for online classes

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Uses for students

While teachers can get creative in using PDF for questionnaires and presentations, students can also get creative in using PDF to send in homework. PDFs are great for images, art, graphic designs, and complicated layouts since its lossless. Transfers won’t be in the way of the art because it will be retained as it is no matter how big or small the file is. Layouts, fonts, and designs will be shown as to how it was made. Additionally, students will also be able to use PDF for digital notes, annotating important parts of their educational presentations, get comments from their teachers on their assignments, and most importantly, studying will be easier because it is digitally available and accessible.  In a summary, the uses can be counted into 5 points:

1. Make creative homework without the worry of changes in layout, art, media, music, or information

2. Create digital notes with PDF

3. Can use the educational materials and annotate it for easier studying

4. Use PDF to study anytime, anywhere on any device

5. Use PDF to submit assignments and get comments from their teachers


How to create PDF easily

With DeftPDF, students and teachers won’t have a hard time creating a PDF and no other application or software is needed because it’s completely online. Here are four steps to creating a PDF easily.

Step one: Go to and click Start Editing on the homepage.

Step two: When you see Upload Page, click BLANK DOCUMENT. A new digital page will appear on-screen and it will represent your paper.

Step three: On the editor, you can choose to add TEXT, LINKS, FORMS, IMAGES, A DIGITAL SIGNATURE, SHAPES or ANNOTATION. Once you’ve chosen your selection on the toolbar, start creating your content.

Step four: Click APPLY CHANGES when you’re done then download your work!



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