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Cara Mengonversi PDF ke JPEG

Mengonversi dokumen PDF menjadi berkas gambar seperti JPEG, PNG, atau TIFF

1. Upload your files

You can be assured that your files are safely uploaded over an encrypted connection. They will permanently be deleted after processing.

  • To upload your files from your computer, click“Upload PDF File”and select the files you want to edit or drag and drop the files to the page.
  • To upload files from Dropbox, Google Drive or from a website where your files are located, expand the“Upload PDF File” dropdown list and select your files.

Deft PDF file upload

2.  Converting Process

Once the PDF document is uploaded to the website, a thumbnail preview of its pages will appear. You can download the pages one by one as a JPEG file or you may also convert it in bulk. To convert in bulk, select all pages that you wish to convert and click “Convert” found at the bottom center of the webpage.


  • Image resolution: You can change the image resolution to – 72 DPI, 150 DPI, or 220 DPI. These image resolutions determine if the image should be small, medium or large in size. The bigger the DPI, the sharper the photo.
  • Image Format: You can also change the file format into PNG, JPEG or TIFF.
  • Image File Name: Change the file name of your converted file as preferred when downloaded. Simply click “More Options” and input the preferred file name on the text box.

deftpdf convert PDF to JPEG

3. Download Your PDF Document

Download your file to save it on your computer. You may also save it in your online accounts such as Dropbox or Google Drive, share it via email, print the new document, rename or even continue editing with a new task.

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