How to Create a Media Kit

23 / 1 / 2020

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Any business online of on-site needs a media kit. Why? A media kit is a document that consists of all the information about the business. This is usually distributed to journalists or any media to give them an idea of how to write or promote it. Sometimes, it is also given to brands that may want to work with the business for collaboration.

how to create a media kit

Blogs, Youtubers, restaurants, writers, fashion designers, graphic designers, photographers, and even ad agencies use media kit to entice publications and companies to work with them. Do you already have a media kit? If not, then read on!

What is a Media kit?

If you’re still not clear about what a media kit is, here’s an elaboration. Basically, a media kit is a marketing tool used by businesses and influencers. It is usually in PDF form or sometimes printed, and distributed on launches or as requested. In a gist, the contents of a media kit consist of the work done, achievements (or certification), products, services and a summary of information about the company. It can be in a simple formal format or can also come in creative forms just as long as it is informative and easy to understand by the reader.

What does a media kit need to be?

There are no rules or exact format for a media kit. It can be as creative as any user wants it to be just as long as the reader can understand it easily. The only rule of thumb for such material is for it to be organized and set in a layout that can be used for presentation and sets you apart from your competitors. Often, designers create a media kit that is highly appealing to entice their clients by making it creative. Aside from creativity, certain content should be included – not all of course as you do not want to overwhelm your reader.

what a media kit should be

What should be included in my media kit?

For first-timers, a media kit may sound so difficult to make but if you’re well guided, it will be as easy as pie! You can put all sorts of information that makes your company proud as long as you limit and summarize. Remember, you don’t want to bore the audience, you want to encourage them to work with you or “wow” them with what you do. Here are some pointers to include:

Company Profile

The first thing that you should include is your company profile. This essential information talks about the company and gives a summary of what it is about. If you go to a website, you will find a link on the menu that states “About me” and basically talks about how it came about with the experience and achievements. In this portion, you can talk about the work the company does and why it was built. You can also add certifications and accreditations that can help boost the company’s profile as credible and outstanding. Don’t forget to highlight information that lets them know that you are what they’re looking for and your contact information! If you can, make your email, phone number and address big enough to catch their attention so it will be easy for them to connect to you.

Social Media

Are you active in social media? Do you have a Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account, YouTube channel or LinkedIn Profile? If you answered yes, then you need to include this in your media kit! If your business is being an influencer online, then you need to also add your numbers and this includes the followers, engagements, and impressions. By adding your social media accounts, you give them the idea of your customers’ activity (like actual testimonials), demographics, and the reach that you can make to readers. For journalists and media, promotion includes showing these accounts on the articles and help you reach more.

Sample Products and Services

Showcase your products, services, and achievements! You can show this in a creative layout with photos of your best work. If you’re a graphic designer, you can show samples of different kinds of artworks for each kind. For instance, if you’ve already had experience in creating a logo, a flyer, a brochure, and a website, you can feature the best of each category in your media kit. If your business is financial, you can create tables and charts to show the growth rate of your company.

graphic designer

Pricing and Rates

Of course, your media kit should also contain the most important part of your business – the rates. Unless of course, you’re working for free or x-deals, you don’t need to add this. But for those well-established businesses with fixed prices, it is important to make this clear to your readers. This way, your media features won’t make the mistake of listing the wrong prices. Your audience will also know right away if they can afford you and really want to collaborate with you.


It’s also a good idea to include the process of how they can collaborate with you or how they can avail of your products. Indicate all the things that you would include if they purchase your products and services then show them the capabilities of the company or the options that they can take.

So, are you ready to create your own Media Kit? If yes, you can try to create one right here at DeftPDF. Just use our user-friendly PDF editor right here!



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