如何轻松创建免费的 PDF 电子书

22 / 4 / 2019


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有很多理由在线创建 PDF 电子书。 它可以为您的网站增加价值,为您的个人资料添加一个很好的补充,或是在长途的额外收入。 PDF 电子书也很容易创建,所有你需要的是简单的工具来制作一个。 让 & rsquo 的; 通过知道什么是电子书是什么,你需要什么工具开始.

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电子书字面意思是 & ldquo; 电子书 & rdquo; 和 维基百科,it is “a book publication made available in digital form,consisting of text,images,或者both,readable on the#38;非生物安全方案;平板显示屏#38;非生物安全方案;of computers 或者other electronic devices.” With the availability of eBooks online,consumers are able to afford more books and access it immediately as soon as it is purchased and downloaded. In some cases,some popular websites and bloggers give out eBooks f或者free to be able to attract more readers.



如上所述,电子书是您的个人资料或网站的一个很好的补充,因为它增加了曝光和价值。电子书通常使用兼容的格式,如 PDF 文件,很容易在网上共享。 随着 PDF 文件随时可用的读者 & rsquo 的; 的桌面,品牌召回往往实现,人们经常提醒您的网站或您的个人资料,从长远来看,可以转换成收入. 拥有电子书也是网上赚钱的另一种方式,因为您可以在热门网站(如亚马逊,露鲁 或者even in your own website. Lastly,creating your own eBook can also get you,loyal subscribers. Consumers and readers nowadays are hungry f或者something free 或者something they can instantly get and what better way to introduce yourself to them than to provide them a little taste of your content!



When starting out,creating an eBook doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have complicated software to be able to achieve this. In fact,your handy tools are readily available right in your laptops as common programs you use every day.

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对于您的写作工具-你可以从你平常的微软 Word 或谷歌文档开始。 有些人更具有艺术性和创造性,更倾向于在 PowerPoint 或 Keynote 中写作,你也可以这样做,在视觉上刺激你的头脑,或者用你写的文字来想象你的图像。

适用于您的设计工具 & ndash 的; 初学者通常建议聘请专业设计师来创建他们的电子书和封面的设计模板. 你可以很容易地聘请这些设计师在流行的网站,如Fiverr,正常工作 或者99 设计. If you have a little to advance experience in designing,your best bet to do this on your own is using online tools such as 坎瓦 或者using your own tools such as Photoshop.




As most mentors say,“content is king” which therefore concludes that the most important part of your eBook is to stay focused on your content and provide valuable information that you can share to your readers. Make sure that your title,topic,theme,and content are all related but at the same time unique so that your readers will not only be delighted with your book but will also recommend you and return to your business 或者website. #38;非生物安全方案;



When creating your eBook,make sure that the layout,design,and cover are not only visually appealing to the audience but also,your content is personalized and adds value to your readers. Having the same content 或者general content with other eBooks won’t give you lasting fans. Your layout should also enhance the experience of your readers by giving them a good flow of visual and texts combined.

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Formatting your eBook,a few notes should also be considered:

  • Make your cover visual and related to your content. A visually appealing cover will always get you new readers but if your content is not related,they may never last long as your audience.
  • Decide on a layout that suits your readers and your theme. If your eBook is a novel 或者a biography,most formats conclude to text-driven themes but if your eBook is something related to a promotion 或者learning,try something visual and equally distributed text on every page. Sometimes readers do tend to look more on the visual example than the text so they may understand what you are promoting 或者teaching.
  • Make sure to have your table of contents. It may never seem so important to you when you’re creating it but it will always be important to your readers. Scheming through the table of contents is the short cut to knowing that they have the right book on hand before they read,using it as an assurance that their captured attention from your cover is confirmed right.
  • Include a title page on the front and f或者every chapter. The title page includes your name and reminds them of your brand! The page breaks meanwhile,are ways to let your readers know that there’s a whole new topic waiting f或者them on the next page.
  • Include images but make sure to isolate them from the text. Though most of you would want to wrap your text over the image,it is better to give your images its own space as most eBook formats have limitations and may provide you with a different result once converted.
  • Indent your paragraphs and make sure your paragraphs are justified. This is one of the most basic writing formats f或者books that most people forget. The simple gesture of indenting is a way of separating your paragraphs and it lessens text heavy eyesores.#38;非生物安全方案;
  • 版权您的电子书,并添加一个页面,指明其版权信息。 这将吓跑所有的模仿谁会试图窃取你的想法! 看起来也很专业!



Before you publish on anything,proofreading is always a requirement. Even in magazines and newspapers,editors are required to check on their writer’s work. It never harms to read your work over 或者let someone else read it f或者you. Sometimes,it can also allow you to see and think of better ways to convey your topic. When you do this yourself,make sure you give it another day before reading again. Sometimes,writers become too invested in their work and see things perfect – even if there’s a grammatical err或者right in front of them.


第四步:转换为 PDF 文件

Converting is the key to make your eBook secure and superb at the same time. There are different file formats which you can use f或者your eBook. It can be in .epub,.mobi,或者it can also be in PDF. These three formats are preferred and are dedicated to eBook readers. F或者example,.mobi is a format which is used in 亚马逊 which is automatically converted if you upload your eBook there. Not all formats can easily be made but if you simply want something simple,fast and can be easily reached by your audience,PDF file format is your way to go.


为什么将您的电子书转换为 PDF?

Aside from the fact that this format suits most devices,it can easily be distributed and PDF files allow any device to read and see your file in the same layout and font that you have made it be. A PDF file will also make sure that your file will be non-editable,leaving your readers only with your final words. Of course,another benefit of having a PDF file is the fact that it is perfect f或者printing formats. In case you decide to expand your audience in the print world,it will be ready in this format!

Deft PDF_any device

How do I do this f或者free?

简单的文本格式可以很容易地转换只需点击几下,它可以通过在线 PDF 转换器,如灵巧的 PDF & rsquo 的; s 字到 PDF 转换器 或者PPT 转换器. This online tool is free f或者everyone and it does not need any of your credit card information to use it because it is completely free. You may also sign up and sign in to keep track of your files 或者upload them directly to your google drive 或者Dropbox accounts once the PDF file is generated.

使用灵巧的 PDF & rsquo 的; 在线工具 are easy to use and it can be summed up to three simple steps – Upload,convert and save! No need to fret about those complicated steps because Deft PDF has already simplified and made the website user-friendly and easy to use.

Deft PDF_ website



The last step before publishing your eBook is to make sure that you have all the written texts and images in the right places,especially if you are converting it into something else other than a PDF format. Make sure to read it again as if you were the customer and look at each page with your most critical eye because once you have published this in the net,you may never take back the possible mistakes that it may have.