N-up & PDF Imposition - Multiple pages per sheet

Print multiple pages per sheet of paper. A5 plan as 4-up on A3 or A4 2-up on A3


Files stay private. Automatically deleted after 5 hours.

How to use N-up tool and PDF Imposition

Layout your PDF files ready for printing and place multiple PDF pages per sheet. Example: You can create a file with 4 pages per 1 sheet.

1. Upload your files

You can be assured that your files are safely uploaded over an encrypted connection. The files will permanently be deleted after processing.

  • To upload your files from your computer, click “Upload PDF File” and select the files you want to convert or drag and drop the files to the page.
  • To upload files from Dropbox, Google Drive or from a website where your files are located, expand the dropdown list and select your files.
  • You can upload 1 file at a time for free accounts, while Upgraded Accounts are entitled to batch processing and can upload 10 files at a time. 

2. Choose the Style

Once PDF file is uploaded, select the default styles available varying from the following: 2-up, 4-up, 4-up vertical, 8-up, 8-up vertical

More Options

You may modify the styles by clicking “More Options” and customizing each element according to your liking

a. Select Pages per sheet

  • By default, standard layouts are only up to 8-up however, you can add more pages per sheet in More Options. You can set up to 32 pages per sheet, which good for bigger paper sizes.

b. Page Ordering

  • Paper orientation can be adjusted according to your preference, which also indicates how the pages are ordered. You can set the paper to Horizontal, which orders pages left to right, or Vertical, which orders pages from top to bottom.

c. Preserve Original Page Size

  • Laying out several pages per sheet may cause the paper size to change once converted. To keep the document’s original size, check the tick box in more options.

3. Apply Conversion and Download

Click "N-Up PDF " once the modifications are set. Then click “Download” after processing to save it on your computer. You may also save it in your online storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive, share it via email, print the new document, rename or even continue editing with a new task.

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