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How to Combine and Reorder PDF files

Combine multiple PDF files and arrange your pages according to your liking. Sort and reorder the pages by drag and drop or add a blank page to your PDF document.

1. Upload your files

You can be assured that your files are safely uploaded over an encrypted connection. The files will permanently be deleted after processing.

  • To upload your files from your computer, click “Upload PDF File” and select the files you want to edit or drag and drop the files to the page.
  • To upload files from Dropbox, Google Drive or from a website where your files are located, expand the “Upload PDF File” drop-down list and select your files.
  • You can upload 2 files at a time for free accounts, while Upgraded Accounts are entitled to batch processing and can upload up to 10 files at a time. 

2. Combine PDF files

A thumbnail preview of your document will be shown upon uploading the PDF files. You can drag and drop the pages to sort your pages according to your preferred arrangement. You can also do various editing before processing it.

a. Add More Files

  • Insert more PDF files to combine with the currently uploaded files by clicking “Add More Files.” Click the dropdown arrow to upload a file from Google Drive or Dropbox.

b. Reverse Order

  • Automatically reverse the order of PDF pages by clicking “Reorder” then click “Reverse Order.”  This will inverse the pages and put the last page as the first page.

c. Add a blank page

  • Add as many blank pages as needed anywhere and drag and drop it to its place.

d. Selection

  • Select or deselect all pages in a click with selection. You can - Select all (selects all pages), Deselect all, invert selected, remove selected (deletes selected pages).​​​​​​​

e. Clear

  • To delete a page, click the “X” mark on the top right corner of the thumbnail. To delete all pages of a file uploaded, click the drop-down menu on “Clear” and select select the file name which you wish to keep.

3. Download Your PDF Document

Download your file to save it on your computer. You may also save it in your online accounts such as Dropbox or Google Drive, share it via email, print the new document, rename or even continue editing with a new task.

Download combined and reordered PDF​​​​​​​

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